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Standard Pricing Plan
  • Fee Charged for Each Search
  • $1.00
  • Fee Charged to View Any Number of Pages to a Document
  • $4.00
Standard Pricing Plan
  • Fee Charged for Each Search
  • FREE
  • Monthly Access to Files on Database
  • $600.00
  • Document Downloads per Month
  • 200
  • Charge per Document Download after 250
  • $3.00

BILLING - Card will be charged automatically the 1st of every month for subscription


What is considered a document download?
A document download is the viewing or e-mailing of all or part of a document and will be charged.

Is there a tax charge for accessing documents?
Texas residents will be charged state sales tax on all search activity. In July of 2004 there was a change in Texas state sales tax law. The change classified information accessed through the Internet as Information Services which is taxable at 80% of the total charge. The tax rate used in calculating the tax, .0825, is the Dallas County tax rate.